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Somwhere Else: Warning!! Very Adult Consensual Content!!


Picture from Pinterest.

He runs his smooth fingers slowly and gently down her bare and exposed inner thigh, then the other. As she lays between crisp white cotton sheets. Her naked body writhes in anticipation of his touch, then briskly, sharply flips her on her front to spank her bare bottom, she feels a trickle of moisture run from her lips.

Another spank proceeds the next, he smooths her red buttock cheeks, she thinks he is done, down again thwack!! The palm of his hand meets her bare cheek, by now she is aroused and very damp.

Flipping her back over he binds her hands with a scarf and ties them to her bed board behind her head.
“Oh, do not relax yet, I am not done with you just yet”.

Her eyes sparkle, she licks her lips, beads of perspiration linger, almost glitter like diamonds from the light. Her nipples standing to attention, damp like dew glisten on the hair curls of her mons pubis.

There is a sign of arousal in him too. A bulge, pushing from inside his trousers, his shirt undone because he is now hot.
Still naked she lays feeling a little vulnerable, though, no less aroused. He flicks on a vibrator and pulls opens her legs, her labia throbbing, so much so, he can almost see them pulsating. Slowly at first, he pushes the tip of the thruming, buzzing toy inside her teasing her pushes, in then pulls out just slightly.

He repeats this, then before she knows it pushes it in with the same thrust, he might do with his penis. She moans in ecstasy she, at his command holds it in, he pours massage oil, down her front from, a seductive height, so they both see it run down over her swollen breasts.

Before he rubs it in he blindfolds her. He also puts some music on. As he he rubs it in, is finding it hard to keep the vibrator inside her, he sees this and returns his attention to the vibrator, which is just about to slide out pushed by the pressure of her orgasmic juice flowing.

With some pressure he pushes it back in. After some moments he pulls it out licks from it her juice and replaces it with his now released and errect, hard cock.

He, repeats the motion he used with the vibrator…. leaving the blind fold and her hands tied over her, still massaging her breasts, flicking her hard nipples with his tongue, on occaison he nibbles or flicks them. Now beyond orgasm, he stops and uses a flogger…that takes her right to the very Edge!!

Grown ups at, grown up play!! Warning!! Contains Adult Sexual Content

She, is beautiful, he thought looking at her, still glowing, lips, still plump, her cute button nose, eyes, pupils, still dilted, but beautiful.
They had just had sex. Her bare leg, thigh, to ankle still, protruding from the duvet, nipples on her small pert breasts, still tender and hard, exposed, down to her navel. Little drops of perspiration, glistened against her soft bare skin.
It was a no-strings thing.
They met up for coffee, then, went to either, his or her apartment, for fun and no-strings sexual intercourse.
Then parted.
This arrangement suited both of them, she was a bit older than him, but, it was not an issue for either of them.
They used sex toys, it was Safe sex of course. She insisted he used a condom, that was the Only agreed stipulation, they sometimes had sex in the bath, or shower. But, it always ended up, with them both, in, his or her bed. The missionary position, was not the only position. They liked role play, a little bdsm.
They talked; had a cigarette afterwards. She was very comfortable in her skin, with her body and sensuality, she was far from shy, oozing sensuality from every pore, she danced for him, dressed provocatively, teasing.
He loved it. She loved it. They had great fun, he liked to watch her masturbate that was often how it aroused him, oil was sometimes used in play.
There were no limits.


Picture from Pinterest

Posts like coffee and cream

My posts are like coffee and cream. I write a Dark post the layer it with a light hearted piece like the cat that likes costa coffee or Miss Mews school for cats, it is not by design necessarily.

*This incidentally is not a knock, more an Obseravation I realised I seem to do.* I would Never knock anothers post. Their creative outlet is Personal to them I Admire and Respect on WordPress.